Definition of heal:

To make free from injury or disease to make sound or whole. To become free from injury or disease to return to a sound state.

Notice the use of the word ‘sound’?

What is Sound Healing?

  • Sound healing uses different types of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and sometimes gongs, drums and chimes.

  • A sound healing experience utilizes frequency, vibration, silence and stillness creating a space of relaxation that promotes a sense of calmness or even peace allowing for rejuvenation and regeneration.

  • Sound healing is the ability of sound to repair aspects of ourselves that are out of alignment as well as to restore us to spiritual wholeness.

  • Sound healing has been around for centuries, it’s nothing new, only making a come back and for good reasons!

  • Sound is primal and Quantum Physics and Science are finally catching up to what the mystics and ancient knew a long time ago.

I wonder what the ancients knew about sound, vibration and healing that we don’t. Or has it been lost to us over the centuries?

Sound healing is a holistic way that helps to restore the physical, energetic, mental and emotional states.  It has been around for thousands of years by many cultures to help heal and expand one’s consciousness and bring back equilibrium.  

The sound healer works with the client or clients to achieve wholeness and healing at the cellular level.

Sound Healing is based on the understanding that Everything is Energy and everything is based on vibration and frequencies.

Sound is not only heard through our ears, but every cell in our bodies.
- Michell L Gaynor, MD


Matter – things that appear solid and stable, have a resonance – in other words all matter is vibrating at specific and different frequencies.

Health has a frequency and so does sickness, as does love, anger, joy, well being, creativity, addiction and so on.

The subtle body holds imbalances, traumas and memories that can eventually manifest in our bodies as a physical pain or aliment.  To be truly healthy one needs to be in balance in body, mind and spirit. 

Dr. Emoto has studied and written about the molecular structure of water with different environments and intentions.

Our bodies are more than 70% water.

Sound can rearrange molecules.

Sound changes consciousness.

Nothing hippy dippy about this, it’s just not been taught. 

Crystal bowls are a combination of water and the element crystalline.

Our body is comprised of water and cells, that are made of crystalline.

Each crystal bowl resonates at a certain frequency, just as our bodies do and also each organ, gland and tissues do too.  Quartz crystal oscillates at a very high frequency.

Because of the resonance of the crystal bowls, the vagus nerve, which is the longest nerve in the body, it originates in the brain and travels all the way to the lower internal organs of the body.

It is the regulator of the parasympathetic nervous system which takes care of things like one’s heartbeat, digestion, breathing etc and is responsible for restoring homeostasis after moments of responding to stressful situations.

The ear and hearing have a great effect on the body because of the proximity to the vagus nerve.  The vagus nerve is not so much part of hearing, it is important more so for being connected to the posterior wall of the external auditory canal, the lower part of the eardrums membrane and also in the middle ear. 

Stimulating the ear stimulates the internal organs via the vagus nerve thus affecting the whole body, in a good way. 

The vibrations of sound tends to have different impacts on all parts of the body – good or bad sounds.

With the sounds of the bowls, the body starts to relax, can go deep into a Theta state or even sleeping where real healing occurs as the vagus nerve shuts down to rest so relaxation, rejuvenation, revitalization and regeneration can happen.

Our mind, body and spirit always wants to be in balance and harmony.

Frequencies + Intention = Healing

Every cell in your body has a resonant frequency. In other words, a natural rate of vibration. When you are healthy, every molecule of you vibrates in a beautiful harmonious chorus of song. When you are sick, some part of you no longer vibrates at its resonant frequency.
- Johnathan Goldman, Sound Healing Pioneer


Intentions can be powerful.

One is directing the energy and guiding the body into a new state of being.

It’s not only the frequency of the sound that creates it’s affect but also the intention of the receiver.

In order for intentions to solidify, one must not only see the end result but also feel it.  One will still receive many benefits from a sound healing no matter what, but when infused with clear, strong intention, this is when real change occurs; where healing happens.

So,what does a sound healer do?

Typically, a sound healer will work with a client and their specific needs or what they wish to achieve.  We work with energies at the cellular level that can help restore balance and harmony within the client’s physical and energetic body. The client will simply focus on their breath while openly receiving what the healer creates using the various crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, etc. The frequencies and vibrations being received allows the body to re-tune and heal.

Some of the most highly reported benefits of sound healing include:

~ Reduced stress and tension

~ Reduced anxiety

~ Improved mood

~ Lower blood pressure

~ Lower cholesterol levels

~ Better pain management

~ Improved sleep

~ Depression

~ Stress


~ Quieting the mind and more

Sound Healing

Ancient wisdom for the new Earth